Herb fed Poultry – Award winning free range Chickens.

'Our chickens are truly free to roam outside and make use of their natural instincts; being able to peck at the grass, find and eat insects, dust bathe and soak up the sunshine… Or the rain.’

‘Our birds live in mobile huts in small flock sizes, are hand-fed and bedded up daily with fresh straw. As well as foraging in the pasture, from 4 weeks old fresh herbs are introduced into the chicken’s diet. The herbs are a mixture including basil, chives, dill, coriander and various salads to name just a few. Their absolute favourite is rocket and when the odd chili arrives there is always a fight for it – the only herb they don’t like is sage! All the herbs are fresh herbs that have simply gone past their best and a by-product of a local herb farm that would otherwise end up on a compost heap. By 8 weeks old the chickens will eat up to a tonne of fresh herbs each week.’